Friday, July 15, 2011

Handmade Earings

The earrings are manufactured using gemstones, semi-precious stones, glass beads, sand beads, springs, silver metal linings and chains, pearls, etc. The pictures have only a presentation role as we can create bracelets on special order also with the desired materials. 

The prices starts for this type of earrinfs from 6,00 Ron.

            10,00 Ron        code Ce03

            10,00 Ron         code Ce03

         10,00 Ron           code Ce04

            8,00 Ron          code Ce04

          9,00 Ron            code Ce05

           6,00 Ron          code Ce06

          12,00 Ron          code Ce07

           8,00 Ron           code Ce08

          9,00 Ron            code Ce09

            9,00 Ron          code Ce10

           8,00 Ron          code Ce11

           12,00 Ron          code Ce12

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